Sunday, 30 September 2018

Overseas Voters

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Application for inclusion of name in Electoral Roll by an overseas Indian elector

A citizen of India, absent from the country owing to employment, education etc, not acquired citizenship of any other country are known as Overseas Voters and are eligible to be registered as a voter in the address mentioned as per Indian passport.

Documents Required:

one passport size color photo

Self attested photocopies of the relevant pages of the passport containing photograph, address in India and all other

The page of passport containing the valid visa endorsement.

If the application is sent by post, the photo copy of each of the documents referred to above, should be duly self attested.
Alternatively you can fill the form in person at the Electoral Registration Officer/Assistant ERO of the constituency. If application submitted in person before the ERO, the original passport should be produced for verification

Booth Level Officer will visit the home address mentioned in your passport and enquire to verify the copies of documents

In cases where no relative is available or willing to give declaration for verification of documents, the documents will be sent for verification to the concerned Indian Mission
Decision of the ERO will be communicated to you by post on the address and SMS on the mobile number given in Form 6A.

Electoral rolls are also on the website of the Chief Electoral Officer

Name of overseas elector is included in a separate section for “Overseas Electors” which is the last section of the roll of each polling station area

Apply for voter id card online; Fill Form 6A online at and upload the documents.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Voter Id Card Online Details

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How to apply for Voter Id Card Online

Application for including of Name in Electoral Roll for First time Voter OR on Shifting from One Constituency to Another Constituency.

Go to website: to apply for voter id card online and fill the form.

Fill Mandatory Particulars of applicant
Fill Current address of applicant
Fill Permanent address of applicant
Fill if you want Optional Particulars
Fill the declaration of applicant

Supporting Documents below have to be uploaded online

Passport size Photograph
Age Proof document
Address Proof document

Enroll as a voter if you are an Indian citizen, attained the age of 18 years on the qualifying date 1st of January of the year of revision of electoral roll.

Form 6 is used to include the name in the voter list or electoral list.

Form 6A is used to include the name of an NRI.

Form 7 is used to raise any objection on inculsion name

Form 8 is used to rectify information in the voter list

Form 8A is used to transpose the entry of the voter.

Apply online - Registration of new voter due to shifting from Assembly Constituency.

Apply online - Registration of overseas voter

Apply online - Deletion/objection in electoral roll

Apply online - Correction of entries in electoral roll

Apply online - Transposition within Assembly

Track online - Track application status

Search online - Search name in electoral roll

Search online - Booth, AC and PC

Search online - BLO, ERO and DEO