Monday, 14 October 2013

Mutual Funds

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A Mutual Fund is a common pool of money in to which investors with common investment objective place their contributions that are to be invested in accordance with the stated investment objective of the scheme. The investment manager would invest the money collected from the investor in to assets that are defined/ permitted by the stated objective of the scheme. 

2) Benefits of Mutual Funds? Benefits: 1) Affordability 2)diversification 3)Variety 4)Professional Management 5)Tax Benefits 6)Regulations 7)Transparency

 3)What is NAV? Net asset value," or "NAV," of an investment company is the company’s total assets minus its total liabilities divided by No. of individual share holders.

 4)What is Abrrevation of NSE , BSE , HSE. NSE: National stock exchange. BSE: Bombay Stock Exchange. HSE: Hyderabad Stock Exchange. 

5) What is a BOND/ Debenture? A debenture is any debt or loan that is backed only by the borrower's word. An unsecured loan. Sometimes used in reference to bonds. ... An instrument of debt issued by a company for more than one year.

 6) List of Mutual Funds? Objective-Oriented Funds Market-Oriented Funds Growth Funds Specialized Funds Income Funds Bond Funds Balanced Funds Money Market Funds Index Funds 

7)List Types of securities? Bonds Shares Debentures Stocks Money Market instruments Real Estate Fixed Deposits.

 8) What items are included in NAV? Assets value Liabilities value No. of Individual share holders. 

9) What are derivatives? Derivatives are traded on Exchanges , which perform two functions : 1) provide and maintain market place to enter into a contract 2) Police and enforce ethical and financial standards applicable on exchange. In short, derivatives are commodities which can be traded in a stock exchange. 

10) How does a company raise its capital? -Through public issue of shares. -Issue of Bonds or Debentures. 

11) Hoe does a share holder get benefits? - Gets dividends. -He will be part of the company. -Will be part of profits if the company gains profits in that particular year. -Eligible for bonus. How are mutual funds distributed? Since mutual funds hold a number of securities, the net asset value must be calculated at the end of day on a daily basis (as opposed to stocks that change prices Mutual funds are forced by law to distribute at least 90% of its' realized capital gains and dividend income each year.


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