Monday, 14 October 2013

Places of Interest

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A visit to a place of interest provides opportunities for direct observation and experience and thus the learning becomes more interesting, more accurate and more meaningful. We cannot learn everything in the class-room. There are many geographic locations, places and areas which are very interesting to be seen and understood the diversified aspects of physiographical, historical, agricultural, industrial, recreational and socio-cultural as well as political perspectives. The visits to these places create to develop a spirit of scientific enquiry. Students get opportunity to apply what they have been taught in the class-room and verify it. ‘Look and See’ approach for understanding any place of interest facilitates the student for analysing the problems and perspectives of the concerned place and provide actual source material for study . The students can learn and compare the theoretical knowledge with the practical experiences gained from the visit to the places of interest. One must visit certain interesting places to understand not only their relative importance, but also to know the different aspects of social life, language, customs and habits.


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