Saturday, 15 February 2014

How to manage Paragraph and Line Spacing in Word?

The white spacing before and after the paragraph are called paragraph spacing. Similarly, the white space between adjacent lines is called line spacing. You can adjust the amount of space between consecutive lines and paragraphs in a document.
Perform the following steps to adjust the paragraph spacing:

·  First place the insertion point in a paragraph. 
·  Select Paragraph from Format menu, a dialog box will appear with the title "Paragraph".
  • Click on Indents and Spacing" tab in the paragraph dialog box.
  • To specify amount of space before the selected paragraph, type a number in the Before" box under Spacing section. 
  • To specify amount of space after the selected paragraph, type a number in the After" box under Spacing section.

Click Ok button to apply the settings.                                                      
Here you can specify the amount of space in inches, points, and centimeters.  For example, type 5pt to specify 5 points spacing or type 5cm to specify 5 centimeters spacing. The preview section of dialog box shows the effect of your selected spacing between the paragraphs. 
To adjust the line spacing, following shortcut keys can also be used for line spacing in the paragraph. 
·  Ctrl+1     used to set single line spacing.
·  Ctrl+2     used to set double line spacing.
·  Ctrl+5     used to set 1.5 line spacing

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