Sunday, 20 April 2014

Voters - You Can Vote Without Voter Id Card if you have Voter Slip

If you have applied for the voter id card and did not get till today. Still you have the option to vote without your voter id card or epic card.

If your name is enrolled in voter list and you did not receive the voter id card or epic card you can vote.

You can voter by showing the voter slip given by Booth Level Officers at your Residence.

You can collect your voter slip at polling station on election day from Booth Level Officer and vote.

Helpline number 040-21111111 .

Complaints Through SMS:

If you found that any of the political parties or political leader is distributing money or any gifts to attract voters to vote for them. Here is the opportunity for you to report such instance or complaints through SMS

Here is the Mobile Number to send SMS TO 8790499899 <AC No 3digits> <Space> <Complaint Details>

Example: Your AC NO 3 digits <001> <Space> <Cash Distributing in - Village - Mandal> to Mobile No. 8790499899

Check Your Name in EPIC Card Number:

Send an SMS to the Mobile Number, 9246280027, to check your name is included in EPIC Card. 

Voter ID Card Number in the format: Vote < Voter EPIC Card Number >

If you have any questions/clarifications regarding your voter id card you can call at the below toll free no.

Call Toll Free No. 1950

If you want to check the status of your voter id card just view the below website.


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