Sunday, 15 June 2014

Did You Know?

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Jawaharlal Nehru is the author of 'Discovery of India'.

Gateway of India is in Mumbai.

Adrenaline is known as emergency hormone.

Tata Telecom is the first Private Operator to launch its 3G services in the country.

Tamil Nadu is the first State in India which implemented RTI Act.

The Right to Information Act came into force in the year 2005.

Caveat is a warning.

Will is not a negotiable instrument.

The energy in Sun comes from Nuclear Fusion.

The average weight of the lungs of a healthy man is 1.10 kg.

Oncology is a study of cancer.

The enzyme involved in the breakdown of starch is Amylase.

Saina Nehwal is the first Indian woman to become Badminton Grand Prix Champion.

Free Legal Aid is a fundamental right.

Breathing rate in mammals is controlled by Medulla Oblongata part of the brain.

Protein is highest in Soyabeans.

Indian constitution is known as Lawyer's Paradise.

Venus is called the Evening Star.

Nervous System is affected by the shortage of Sodium.

Cotton fibres is derived from epidermal hairs of seeds.

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