Friday, 24 February 2017

Microsoft Project Sangam

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Microsoft launches Project Sangam that aims to offer skilled training, to make citizens learn new skills to apply for jobs thereby finding jobs easier, powered by LinkedIn, it aims to skill, employ people in India. It will be an open system where the trainers can pour their content into Sangam and people can take the training right from Sangam and apply for jobs.

The service can be started by first logging in with the Aadhaar Praman service from Microsoft, then the user can choose to create a LinkedIn Profile and enrol under courses for skill training. Salary and location are also matched after courses are taken and jobs are recommended. The candidates profile will also be shared with the employer.

With this app, Microsoft aims to create a platform for skilled workers across all segments. This project uses your Aadhaar details for creating an account. It gives candidates an option to create a LinkedIn profile, if they don’t already have one. The company will allow people to enroll through Aadhaar card and later utilize LinkedIn to manage their profile. Once the account is created, one needs to choose their domain such as BPO and hoteling industry etc.

It also offers courses from linkedin learning. Apart from the desktop interface, this Project Sangam also have mobile app. It had been designed to work with slow and metered connection, it also includes  option to download lessons for offline learning. Once the training is completed, Microsoft will update their profiles for employers to shortlist and hire the skilled workers. The candidates receives job options as per their skills. It  also send alerts via SMS messages. 

microsoft project sangam, project sangam, sangam, aadhaar, linkedin profile, sangam mobile app, sangam project

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